In The Darkness

It’s in the darkness where I found the LIGHT!!!
You might be like me…where the world wrote me off but GOD had another plan…. They (shame, guilt, doubt, fear) tried to silence my voice but God touched my mouth and told me to SPEAK!!! Jeremiah 1:9-10 & Isaiah 61:1-2

The enemy has tried time and time again to STOP ME! But God voice would overpower me and tell me, SPEAK daughter… I’ve given you the power and authority.

You don’t need you to SEE ME but hear me! The words I will SPEAK, are words filled with POWER to destroy, liberate, heal, deliver, restore, empower, inspire, equip, and build!

It’s our experiences and decisions that come to keep us in bondage or in the shadows of our wrongs and insecurities. JESUS came to save us and set us free.

~Crystal C~

In the darkness

When nothing is all you have..

If you want to know what’s in you get down to NOTHING!
You will become so creative it will amaze you! I learned how to succeed when I had nothing, it was because I WANTED SOMETHING. Therefore, God allowed me to tap into what he placed in me during those times. Those are called open opportunities. It’s all in how we see things, it’s called perspective.

The world doesn’t want to mess with me or anyone that can identify with me. Why?…. We know how to make a dollars…ย ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธย out of 50 cents. Try us! Don’t beg people to come to your rescue CRY OUT to God, Father…..I need your help! That’s when God will open up the Red Sea on your behalf and make a way out of no way! Next thing you know you will be moving on up…to the east side (in that deluxe penthouseย ๐Ÿ™‚!

Awww… don’t cry your eyes to sleep tonight. Just cry out to the Father…he knows all things! He will show you the way. This is my prayer for you. Father, God hear the voice of your children in Jesus name, Amen!

In the Midnight Hour
~Crystal C~

Fight for it!

For this next level, you’re going to have to fight for it! The enemy is coming after you and your purpose. Don’t get fearful but stand up to him with the SLEDGEHAMMER!!

Break his teeth and stop anything from coming out his mouth that would keep you down, stuck, delayed, or denied. Don’t be caught feeding your flesh but your SPIRIT MAN! Get in your Word at all cost. You have…to let go of a lot of things (back off social media, going out, social networks etc..) right now ifย you want what God has for you.

David was isolated (shepherds boy) for his purpose, Joseph was thrown into the pit, and Moses had to be stripped away from his people to HEAR from God. That’s part of the Overcomer’s Training Camp when you become a Believer and a Servant.

#relationshipwithGODcostย #ministrycostย #theAnointingcostย you’re not getting this one without paying for it.

~Crystal C~

The Mother of Paralysis

Is the mother of paralysis! It will hinder you from living God best designed planned for your life. Stop it today, by casting down those FALSE IMAGINATIONS. Do you know what the acronym for fear is? This is what it means just in case you never heard this term before.

A- appearing
R- real

One way to stop, block, hinder, or delay anyone’s PROGRESS….is by making them BELIEVE something has already happened that has not! How? By telling them a LIE..paint a picture (thought) of a bad or negative experience, so they could now become afraid to proceed forward.

The Bible reveals the Truth! We are to cast those imaginations (thoughts) as far AWAY….from us as we possibly can. And, to walk BY..FAITH!!! I would say, WITH FAITH… if we keep faith close then we can go through, and do anything God says we can.

It’s time to war against the very thing that’s warring against you, lies!

1. Resist the thought
2. Speak the truth
3. Meditate on the Word


~Crystal C~
Make the Connection